Pricing Hourly & Flat Rate

Your Choice!

Our Senior’s 10% Discount and our Canadian Armed Forces, past, present, and spouses 10% discounts can be used with the pricing below.


Flat Rate & Hourly

Many Companies now offer flat rate pricing. Flat rate pricing has a place; however, it is not always the best deal for a consumer.

Our current hourly pricing for Orleans and nearby is as follows:

Hourly Effective May 1st 2019

A service call will be $132.00 + H.S.T.

The  Service call charge is for our initial visit for the day and includes up to an hour at your location.

If additional time is required it will be billed at $44.00 + H.S.T. per half hour.

Rough Estimate

Rough Estimate” Means a rough appraisal of what will be required to complete your job.  Please feel free to ask if your Plumber for one if has not already given you one.  Typically, if it looks like your job will require more than a service call to complete, your plumber will let you know when they start the work.

We can also provide you with a “Rough Estimate”   over the phone 613-558-2155 

or by email: 


Flat Rate Pricing

Lots of plumbing company’s offer flat-rate pricing now. Often it is based on worse case scenarios and is not always the best choice. You should always shop around.

We offer special promotional flat Rate pricing for specific jobs or free written estimates for larger jobs or renovations.

Promotional Flat Rate Pricing:  Orleans and close by only, all items must have working isolation valves, and be connected to a properly working plumbing system.  8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P


You buy it, we install it!  

Basin faucets $140.00

4-inch center set Basin faucets $140.00 each plus H.S.T..  Includes new supplies if required.  Faucet install only

Kitchen faucets $160.00

8-inch center Kitchen faucets $160.00 each plus H.S.T.. Includes new supplies if required.  Faucet install only

2-piece Toilets $180.00 each plus H.S.T..  Includes new seal(s), new bolts, and supply tube if required.

1-piece Toilets please call or email for pricing.

Looking for pricing on a specific product?    over the phone 613-558-2155   by email:

Terms: all invoices are due on receipt.  Holidays and Sundays, emergency service only and may be subject to an additional fee.  Sewer equipment and other large tools may have an additional charge, you will be informed of the charge before the tools are used.  Seniors discount of 10 % for Flat Rate items above and Labour charges only.  Canadian Armed forces, past, present, and spouses 10% discounts for Flat Rate items above and labour charges only.